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Our Staff

Here at Grenada Gardens, you’ll find an incredibly attentive staff of professionals ready to help you live the maintenance-free lifestyle you seek, with the advantage of peace of mind for your future. We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our residents, every day. Our amenity-rich community is enhanced by a team of staff members who take the time to genuinely understand and integrate an individual’s wishes regarding their living preferences.

Headshot of James.
James M. Tye, III (Jay)
Art Director

Jay graduated with a BFA and is an alumnus of Chaminade University Hawaii. He is a former US Army veteran and spent four years in the medical services in flight medicine and was later trained in immunology at Walter Reed Army medical clinic Washington DC where he received a commendation for his service.  He comes to us from the Bay Area where he spent 10 years in IT support and later management.

Jay’s experience in the army medical field and his analytical and empathetic nature help serve our residents, making their experience and daily growth in activities both measurable, and rewarding.

In his spare time, Jay enjoys art and composing music. 

Headshot of Jackie.
Jackie Greico
Office Manager

Jackie Greico is the Office Manager at Grenada Gardens.  For the past year and a half, she has been in charge of the daily running of the office.

Jackie is passionate about Senior Care because she grew up with a mother who worked with Seniors as a CNA and her first job was in the kitchen of a Retirement Community.
Jackie has been recognized in her field for high test scores in business math on the NCRC Exam in which she scored platinum.  She graduated from Rogue Community College. 
In her spare time, Jackie enjoys spending time with her grandsons and genealogy, as well as reuniting adoptees with birth families through DNA.
She currently lives along the Klamath River.
Headshot of Alma.
Alma Peralta
Community Director

Alma Peralta has worked At Grenada Gardens Senior Living for six years. She is the Community Director of Grenada Gardens, a senior living community, and has assisted seniors in locating the finest retirement community and transitioning smoothly. Alma has worked hard to improve the quality of life for the retirement community and serve and advocate for Siskiyou county seniors. She lives in Grenada and enjoys long walks on the river, spending quality time with her family, and volunteering in her local community.

Headshot of Jace
Jace Freitas
Community Liaison

Jace Freitas is a Community Liaison who works at Grenada Gardens Senior Living. For the 4 past years, he has worked with seniors in finding them placement and the admission process, as well as being a community advocate for the aging community. Jace is passionate about advocating for seniors because he feels passionate about helping seniors succeed in their aging experience.

Jace has been recognized in their field for his volunteer work and member status of many community organizations and graduated from Chico State University where he studied organizational leadership and business marketing

In their spare time, Jace enjoys spending time on the lake and hiking around beautiful Northern California. Jace currently lives in both Siskiyou and Shasta counties.

Julissa Aguirre

Med Tech

Julissa Aguirre is A Med Tech and works in marketing who works at Grenada Gardens Senior Living. For the past five years, She has worked on helping seniors find a safe home through marketing practices as well as supervised the Medical Technicians.

Julie is passionate about helping seniors because it is important to provide people with options for the best possible care for their loved ones.

Julie has been recognized in their field for her education in organizational psychology and graduated from California State University Northridge.

In their spare time, Julie enjoys swimming, hiking, and playing basketball. She currently lives in the beautiful Mount Shasta area.

Thinking About A Career Change?

We are always looking for qualified staff to take care of our residents.