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Care & Services

You want to keep living with each of our days filled with laughter and fulfillment, no matter our age or condition. That’s why Grenada Gardens is here, so you can focus on the people and things you love, while we take care of the rest.

It all starts when we meet. Our wonderful staff will learn about you, your passions, and what really matters to you. From there, we will partner with you and/or your loved ones to build individualized care that will help identify and build an individualized care plan that best suits your needs and preferences.

Assisted Living

What is Assisted Living?

Our senior residence provides complimentary and customizable assistance providing services to all our residents. By catering to the personalized needs of each resident, everyone will have a unique care plan, making everyone truly feel like they are valued and at home at Grenada Gardens.

Who Qualifies for Assisted Living?

Admission eligibility for seniors looking for assisted living is based on the individual care needs of the potential resident. Generally, assisted living is ruled appropriate for seniors who need:

  • Minimal skilled nursing services
  • Assistance with daily tasks-hygiene, bathing, eating, etc.
  • Medication management
  • Memory care programs

Assisted living is not deemed appropriate for:

  • Patients who need nursing services like IVs, Insulin injections, medical supervision etc.
  • Those who only want to use big insurance and can’t afford private pay cost
  • People who only need to rehab post-acute and aren’t looking for full-time residence

Independent Living

What is Independent Living?

Many independent seniors choose our community to enjoy all the amenities and benefits our community has to offer. This gives our more independent residents the ability to enjoy a social resort style environment with the ability to take care of themselves as long as they would like or are able to. When it comes to starting to need more assistance it will be an easy transition as our supportive staff will already know you, your personality, and your preferences, making for a comfortable environment. Our independent living programs help seniors still feel independent but gain the ability to relax without the worries and chores that involve living at your own residence. Many of our independent seniors describe the feeling of living in our resort-like community as an “extended vacation”.

Who Qualifies for Independent Living?

Independent living is ideal for the senior who has still stayed independent and needs little to no care/supervision. At Grenada Gardens our independent seniors will still be able to benefit from the programs and amenities at our resort style community while keeping their independence. Let us take care of all the things you’ve dreaded in the past

Memory Care

What is Memory Care?

Our highly trained team members provide our memory care residents with the care they need to live out each of their days to the fullest with engaging activities and meaningful social interaction with other like-minded residents. We take pride in making our memory care residents feel fulfilled and engaged based on specialized programs that evolve music, sensory, and tactile stimulation. Our programs are designed with physical and cognitive exercises for memory recollection and enhancing cognition. We offer art, movies, and group engagement activities help create conversation and create special memories to help enrich your time with us.

Who Qualifies for Memory Care?

Caring for a senior with memory loss can be very challenging and trying for family members and primary caregivers. At Grenada gardens we specialize and train our staff to be the very best in their field. We have extensive programs and activities designed for seniors struggling with memory loss, helping them stay sharp for the longest they can. Our single-story U-shaped community floor-plan is designed with these seniors in mind, making for a simple efficient layout.

Respite Care

What is Respite Care?

Respite Care services are provided at Grenada Gardens as a solution for caregivers and their families who are providers of full time care. Respite Care provides primary caretakers time away for a break, a vacation, or a few days of relaxation with the confidence that their loved ones are in a safe resort style caring environment. Respite Care can also serve as a transitional period between acute hospital stays or surgery.

Who Qualifies for Respite Care?

Respite care is a perfect option for those seniors that have just got out of a post-acute hospital setting and are still recovering or undergoing other health circumstances. It’s also great for family members or caregivers who are taking extended vacations or are trying a senior living trial period. At Grenada Gardens seniors, their family members, and caregivers can rest easy knowing they’re going to be well taken care of and relaxed with our gracious accommodations.